Banking / Finance

    We recognize how important real estate financials are.

    Your investment is hard-earned and investors can be hard to come by. Our banking and financial services focus on delivering sound advice to support your real estate portfolio strategies. We leverage competitive analysis, trend tracking, and in-depth market research to guide sound financial decisions.

    IPG advisors assist you in establishing portfolios that address your business goals, timelines, and future endeavors while maximizing potential and minimizing expenses. With your financial situation always top-of-mind, we work to achieve your priorities. To accomplish your objectives, we combine best-in-class technology and transparent communication. Our approach is guaranteed to increase the value of your business without sacrificing financial stability. Our diverse pool of experts includes accountants, surveyors, business managers, and consultants, each dedicated to helping you achieve your vision. Their expertise is essential in identifying real estate potential, negotiating terms and conditions, and in a property management capacity.

    Banking / Finance services


    A trusted consultant can help you achieve your business goals while mitigating risk. Whether it is in acquisition activity, due diligence in a merger, location assessment, or portfolio optimization, we are here for you every step of the way. We meet the challenges that real estate dictates and love nothing more than to work with people who are as dedicated and as passionate about success as we are.

    Corporate Strategy

    Maximize the benefits of your property and improve your corporate financial situation. Our advisors seek out and assess potential properties for marketability, hence increasing value. We apply techniques that include database management, global lease administration, lease consideration, and assistance in decision making to ensure a positive result.

    Global Lease Administration

    No business is risk-free, especially when it comes to global lease administration. Our specialists in global property acquisition and lease administration dive deep, analyzing all the risks involved in the management of your corporate portfolio. We then present to you the comprehensive market data you need to make the best decisions for your organizational needs, providing recommendations to mitigate potential risks.

    Transaction Management

    Our team knows how important an efficient and speedy acquisition is to your success. Be it a new property hunt, relocation, or contract renewal, we are with you every step of the way through every phase of your real estate transaction. Our brokers and agents advocate for you, expediting your transactions to ensure a timely conclusion and a seamless process. We apply the ‘intelligent client’ role in managing our activities, assuring a process that is as elegant as it is enjoyable.

    Program and Project Management

    Our experience and expertise are time-proven and honor-tested. Clients around the world have realized incredible success with us by their side, which, for us, is a source of great satisfaction and pride. A successful transaction moves us to continuously enhance our service, providing you the best possible outcome, every time. Our overarching goal in project management is to help you achieve your project goals – on time and on budget.

    Valuation, Lease Advisory, and Property Management

    Staying on top of current industry and property management trends are essential in real estate. With a trusted partner by your side, you have access to professional insights that will help you face the challenges of a volatile economy. We provide updates to rental regulations, market values, and property potentials both domestically and internationally, helping you stay informed as you move forward with your goals.

    Data centers

    Our IT professionals understand the international data security framework.

    The data centers you choose need to offer low operating costs, excellent uptime, and state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. Our IT professionals understand the international data security framework and will help you find the ideal market and location to house your data. Other ways in which we can support your data center needs include disposition, consolidation, and expansion.

    Data centers services

    Locate Adequate Data Center Space

    The devil is in the details! We take the time to analyze every nuance of a potential space, including energy profiles, cooling potential, hazard risks—either natural or from use—economic incentives that may be available in the area, down to the right market and location. We also negotiate lease terms that keep you in a flexible and favorable agreement.

    Manage Data Center Facilities

    We ensure that your data centers are operating at their greatest potential. We oversee offsite data center monitoring, along with facility management and 24/7 onsite support, reducing the risk of downtime. You can rely on IPG for reliable data center staff, proven testing methods, and reliability from end-to-end.

    Deliver Data Center Projects

    In addition to expert data center management, IPG develops, improves, and builds world-class data center space. We provide comprehensive advice and assessment as well as project management, master planning, financing, and the feasibility studies.

    Data Centers Consulting

    We offer a wide range of data centers consulting services, from the early stage capacity planning to implementation of optimal solutions. With our data centers experts a a backbone, we can offer a consistent and actionable approach to data centers and IT optimization efforts.

    Data Centers Evaluation

    IPG can offer you comprehensive data evaluation, consulting and advisory services for investors, lenders or real estate owners. Delivering high-quality valuation reports and analysis is made possible with the help of our specialized expertise and premium technologies. Our experts provide a customized solution for every client, for an individual asset or multiple property portfolios.

    Invest in Data Centers

    Our team stays on top of current data usage trends, analyzing property performance statistics against high-performance benchmarks. We then leverage this information to consider whether these data centers will perform well in your investment portfolio.

    Energy and Sustainability

    Advisors for medical advisors

    IPG professionals provide advisory and project management services to support energy optimization. In our experience, there is always a chance that your real estate operation can perform more efficiently. If this is the case, we can guide you to ways in which you can minimize your energy consumption, improve your net profits, and meet your sustainability goals. Our energy experts work with you to tailor each solution to your specific portfolio needs.

    Energy and Sustainability services

    • Utility Data Management
    • Energy Audits
    • Invoice Audit and Bill Pay
    • Project Management
    • Demand Management
    • Sustainability
    • Renewable Energy
    • LEED Certification and Consulting
    • Energy Procurement
    • Market Research


    Healthcare specialist

    Our healthcare specialists cater to medical professionals, working alongside investors, facility owners, and research laboratories to find opportunities to grow their interests and meet strategic needs.

    We understand the unique real estate and financial requirements of healthcare providers professionals and how to maximize value for our clients. IPG has experience working with every type of healthcare specialty and in each of the main property types: Office, Medical Office, Hospital Campus, Retail and Mixed-Use.

    Healthcare services


    Our chiropractic real estate experts have a proven track record of helping Chiropractors avoid costly pitfalls and mistakes, while maximizing their time, impact and efficiency. We specialize in assessing the advantages and disadvantages of office vs. retail vs. medical space for Chiropractors. Our chiropractic real estate services also include a comprehensive purchase vs. lease analysis that will clearly outline your most favorable options along with a detailed strategy to execute your best opportunity.


    As your dental real estate experts, we handle every facet of your transaction, including site selection, purchase vs. lease evaluation, lease analysis, timeline management and more. Our expert commercial real estate services and skilled negotiating ensure you obtain the most favorable terms and concessions possible, while saving a significant amount of your valuable time.


    Our rich background in NCAA, Olympic and many professional sports, in combination with our real estate expertise, make us the perfect choice when it comes to fitness properties. Location, facilities, neighboring tenants and uses, and economic terms play a major role in the success and profitability of Gyms and Fitness Centers.


    Therapy offices have several unique aspects that differ from traditional medical offices. At IPG, we have extensive experience representing physical therapists, occupational therapists, emotional and professional therapists and more. We understand how to best evaluate office vs. retail, purchase vs. lease and the affect that various qualities of properties, layouts and sizes of spaces have on a practice’s efficiency and profitability. Whether you are looking for a 1,000 SF satellite office or a 10,000 SF facility, we will guide you to the best location possible while negotiating the most favorable terms. If you are already occupying your ideal location and space, our therapy real estate experts will help you capitalize on your next lease renewal negotiation. Along the way, our commercial real estate services we will save you a significant amount of time and connect you with the most qualified industry partners to complete your team.


    Our extensive veterinary real estate services encompass a wide variety of sizes and types of commercial real estate transactions. We understand sound proofing, relief areas, private exits for families of euthanized patients, boarding, surgery suites, requirements of specialists and everything in between. Commercial real estate is typically a veterinary practice’s 2nd or 3rd highest expense behind payroll. With this much at stake, you can trust your commercial real estate needs to IPG’s veterinary real estate experts.

    Vision care

    At IPG, we specialize in representing Vision Care providers with all their healthcare real estate needs. Our vision care real estate experts have extensive experience negotiating and advocating for Optometrists, Ophthalmologists, Vision Therapists, Lasik Specialists. We understand how the layout of exam lanes, presentation of the optical and ability to incorporate new technologies into the office affects efficiency and profitability. Vision Care providers trust IPG to save them a substantial amount of time and money, while avoiding pitfalls, and ensuring their interests are always first.


    Experts in the field

    Wherever you require hospitality services, IPG gives you direct access to best-in-class global hospitality specialists. Our team provides asset-level financing, investment sales, and equity capitalization on a per-project basis.

    Combining skills and knowledge, we develop a plan to help you reach your goals. From franchises to hotels, resorts and spas, small independents, huge conference centers, gaming, or golf destinations, we’ve got the expertise you need to maintain healthy growth.

    We also have experience in fractional ownership and timeshare models and mixed-use developments that include a hospitality component.

    Hospitality services

    Asset Level Financing

    We seek out capital partners that are right for your project. Whether you are seeking initial financing or looking for a refinancing package, we have solutions that work.

    Investment Sales

    Selling hotel, resort, and other hospitality properties can be a challenge. We ensure that you get the most from your sale with the fewest conditions and surprises.

    Equity Capitalization

    Our team helps you find the investors you need to capitalize on an acquisition or recapitalize a project for joint venture equity.

    Market Advice

    Our trusted advisors devise a way forward that assures you achieve your hospitality property goals. We apply informed market analysis, current market opportunity, and future market potential to guide your financing, investment, or sales decisions.

    Project Management

    Our project managers are detail-oriented, overseeing the smallest details of every assignment. We monitor your project’s progress closely, handling any issues that may arise and ensuring you are completely up-to-date and in control.

    Strategic Advisory

    When advice is strategy-driven, your goals are in focus. Our trusted advice illuminates the challenges and limitations you face, and always considers the real estate assets you already have.


    Rely on our experts

    We represent landowners, investors, and developers. Our experts have deep knowledge of local market conditions, regulatory issues, and competitive land parcels – all essential skills in assisting real estate owners in the effort to maximize their property value.

    Our experts are highly respected in advisory, capital markets, valuation, office brokerage, and Retail, ensuring your confidence through every stage. We leverage data-driven market intelligence, world-class technology, and a global mindset to deliver the services you need and value that you can rely on.

    Land services

    • Property Disposition and Acquisition
    • Market Analysis and Feasibility Studies
    • Strategic Site Selection
    • Financial Analysis
    • Financing/Equity Sourcing
    • Market Trends and Forecasts
    • Development Consulting
    • Highest and Best Use Studies
    • Review of Strategic Alternatives
    • Bankruptcy Sales

    Life Sciences

    Research Laboratory Experts

    IPG’s life sciences experts have successfully represented life science clients around the world. Our clients range from single scientist working out their garage all the way to the largest pharmaceutical company in the world. We are experts in representing biotech companies and deeply understand the unique demands of all our life science clients, big or small.

    Current innovations in medicine, devices, software and hardware will continue to drive the need for real estate investors, developers and advisors to adapt to the evolving space requirements needed for sophisticated research facilities and sophisticated scientist.

    Whether you are looking to lease or invest in a research center, develop a research park or any laboratory property, or you need project management or lab construction services, you’ll have a partner with IPG that has deep life science market knowledge and industry connections to ensure an on-time and under-budget delivery of the most demanding laboratory projects.

    IPG has advisors and partners ready to successfully serve the needs of our life science clientele in major life science markets throughout the world. By combining our global network and intrinsic life science based knowledge, we are able to execute swiftly, accurately and empower your company to focus on your next lifesaving breakthrough.

    Life Sciences services

    • Corporate Real Estate Strategy
    • Acquisition Of Office, R&D, and Manufacturing
    • Disposition of Specialty Facilities
    • Lease & Purchase Negotiations
    • Portfolio Optimization
    • Facilities Planning
    • Incentives & Site Selection
    • NPV Lease Analytics
    • Development and Investment Pro Formas
    • Project Management & Delivery
    • MTA Support
    • Property & Facility Management
    • Appraisal & Valuation Services
    • Demographic & Market Analysis
    • Advisory & Consulting
    • Technology & IT Assessment
    • Peer Experiences and Best Practices
    • Lease Versus Purchase

    Non Profits

    Supporting your mission

    Nonprofit organizations have objectives in obtaining new property that go beyond rental fees and site selection. Our team works with you to find a building that strengthens your organization’s value, supports your mission, and ultimately, helps to drive successful capital campaigns. IPG’s nonprofit team is ready to help you advance your mission by solving your real estate challenges.

    Non Profits services

    • New Lease Negotiation
    • Lease Renewals
    • Landlord Agency
    • Lease Administration
    • Project Management
    • Property and Facility Management
    • Investment Sales
    • Appraisal and Valuation Services
    • Demographic and Market Analysis
    • Strategy and Consulting
    • Compliance and Regulatory Analysis
    • Operational Analysis
    • Broker Opinion of Value
    • Development, Planning, and Zoning Advisory Site Evaluation
    • Site Evaluation


    Support Experts

    Technology-based clients are more varied than virtually any other sector. Dynamic and constantly evolving, needs revolve around regulatory frameworks, security, and innovation. To meet these requirements, real estate advisors in this sector must be nimble and ready to pivot.

    We help our clients navigate the myriad challenges at the nexus of technology and real estate. We streamline property portfolios for maximum flexibility and efficiency and can satisfy specific property requirements as part of a one-off transaction.

    In this sector, flexibility is critical. We know that the requirements of your organization is vastly different from others and will work hard to identify the best possible solutions for your needs. Finally, our advisors will explain all your options clearly so that you can make the most intelligent real estate decision based on your unique situation.

    Technology services


    From analyzing property locations to due diligence involved in mergers and acquisitions, we help you achieve your goals while reducing the risk inherent in real estate transactions.

    Corporate Strategy

    We consider your finances, goals, assets, database management, and lease administration to optimize and increase the value of your portfolio.

    Global Lease Administration

    To minimize the risks involved with global real estate leasing, we apply the most accurate and up-to-date business data to ensure you realize your strategic corporate goals.

    Transaction Management

    We simplify and streamline transaction management, making the process as easy as possible for all stakeholders. Whether we are involved in property searches, local or international relocations, or renewing a lease, you can count on peace of mind and a trusted advisor who is always looking out for your best interests.

    Program and Project Management

    Our program and project managers work hard to ensure your projects are completed within your timelines, on budget, and to your exact specifications.

    Facilities Management

    Our facilities management team provides best-in-class service for organizations at the top of their game. We work with you to design a program that covers all the bases and lands within your desired budget.

    Valuation, Lease Advisory, and Property Management

    The ever-changing international real estate and leasing market has its own unique challenges. Your best chance of success is to work with a company like IPG whose experience and understanding give you the competitive edge you need to stay on top.

    Transport and Logistics


    A business simply cannot operate if customers don’t receive their shipments on time. IPG’s logistics team is well-versed in today’s transport and logistics needs and has facilitated multitudes of real estate solutions to benefit shipping and warehousing companies. Bottom line, we know what you need. We will help you identify the right deals so you can move forward with confidence.

    Our team has an international focus, giving you unmatched value in supply chain, shipping, energy enterprises.

    Transport and Logistics services

    • Site Selection Analysis
    • Build-to-Suit Analysis
    • International Supply Chain Consulting
    • Lease, Purchase, or Sale Negotiations
    • Fair Market Value Analysis
    • Land Assemblages
    • Drayage Analysis
    • FTZ (Foreign Trade Zone) Consulting
    • Incentive Consultation
    • Hours of Service Legislation
    • And Much More