Your real estate is a direct reflection of your business and what it represents. It is the first image you put forth to the world, and often, the first thing people see. Your location welcomes your clients and has the potential to attract top talent, painting a picture that illuminates who you are as a company and what you do. In addition, your real estate must support your operational needs efficiently, providing a base of operations that makes everything else possible.


The impact real estate has on your business is significant. However, the process of identifying and acquiring the ideal property can be a challenging, time consuming, and costly process. This is where Innovation Properties Group comes in.


Our team of real estate professionals will guide you through the complicated process of securing the ideal location for your business. The space has to work for you, rather than you having to work around its limitations. Whether you’re looking for a property to lease or for an asset to purchase, we work with you to identify the best options in the marketplace, options that address the demands of your business while putting your best face forward.

Tenant Services We Offer

  • Corporate Real Estate Strategy
  • Acquisition of Office, R&D, and Manufacturing
  • Disposition of Specialty Facilities
  • Lease & Purchase Negotiations
  • Portfolio Optimization
  • Facilities Planning
  • Incentives & Site Selection
  • NPV Lease Analytics
  • Project Management & Delivery
  • MTA Support
  • Property & Facility Management
  • Appraisal & Valuation Services
  • Demographic & Market Analysis
  • Advisory & Consulting
  • Technology & IT Assessment
  • Peer Experiences and Best Practices
  • Lease Versus Purchase

Tenant Purchasing Services We Offer

  • Acquisition Feasibility Studies
  • Net Present Value Analysis
  • Lease-To-Own Structuring
  • Developer Negotiations
  • Purchase Sale Agreements
  • Property Due Diligence
  • Development Proformas
  • Financing Lender Options
  • Construction Management